Miss P

oil on canvas 10x20 inches

Nude Reading

oil on panel 9.5x16 inches

Sun Lover

oil on canvas 28x36 inches

Through a Window

oil on canvas 23.5 x 17.50 inches


pastel on paper 20x28 inches


pastel on paper 13x17 inches


pastel on paper 8.5x13 inches


pastel on card 32x40 inches

Nude Studies

pastel on paper 14x20 inches

odalisque 2

oil on panel 16x20 inches


oil on canvas 24x36inches

A gentlemen's Pleasure

oil on panel 15x11 inches

Light of Day

oil on panel 10.3x19 inches

Nude on Striped Couch

oil on canvas 8x10 inches


oil on canvas 24x36inches

Nude Study

pastel on paper 15x20 inches

Room Four One

pastel on paper 17x13 inches

Nude in Studio

oil on panel 18.5x20 inches.

Eyes Wide Open

  oil on panel 16x20 inches

The First Kiss of Summer

oil on canvas 24x36 inches

In the Mirror

oil on canvas inches


pastel  on card 24x34.25 inches

Nude Study

 pastel on paper14x20 inches

The Flute Player

oil on canvas 24 x 32 inches


 oil on canvas 24x18 inches                        

Posed Question

pastel on paper 22 x 30 inches

Bed Sit

Bed Sit pastel on paper 22x30 inches